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Included on the seven emirates of the United Arab of Emirates, Dubai is one of the strongest and healthiest cities in the emirates of UAE. The entire Dubai city, however, was believed to be in existence for at least 150 years even before the foundation of the UAE. As the second largest emirate city by land area, next after the Abu Dhabi, the entire city of Dubai holds the biggest number of population among the seven emirates of UAE. (Dubai eGovernment) In terms of economy, the emirate of Dubai relies to garner revenues from the financial services, trade and manufacturing.

Technically, Dubais firm economical status was established through the strong and competitive oil industry of the entire city. In estimation, the whole emirate of Dubai produces 240,000 barrels of oil daily and supplies the oil demand of other countries across the globe. (Dubai eGovernment) Real estate, on the other hand, is another economic driver of the emirate of Dubai, on which the entire city is a depiction of the latest and modern technology in real estate property. This includes high-end hotels, state of the art buildings and establishments.

Nevertheless, the city has been famous and had attracted global attentions through their innovative real estate development. (Dubai eGovernment) However, despite this positive growth of economic status in the entire Dubai city, the seventh emirate of the United Arab of Emirate is disturbed by one significant issue that affects the positive growth of the city. Over the years, the entire emirate of Dubai had witnessed and recorded rapid growth in it population from the last 18 years of the city that had increased its population four times from 1975 to the latter part of the 19th century.

Moreover, there are different factors that affects the increased or growth in the population of the entire Dubai city. With the economic boom of the second largest emirate city, over the years, Dubai had hold a bunch of foreign migration, as a result of the economic growth in the city. Also, the return of the United Arab of Emirates citizen from different countries abroad is another main reason behind the huge growth rate on the population of the entire Dubai city.

In addition to this, Dr. Hattal had said that natural growth in population is as well a factor in the population growth rate of Dubai, which signifies a lower average stature of the common population growth rates. Nevertheless, Dubais economic booms as well as the huge variation between the national and emigrant are the major reason for the rapid increased of the population in the entire emirate city, which the result of economic boom is somewhat negative that it attracts more foreign people to move in Dubai and work for a living. Eqarat)

Statement of the Problem Nonetheless, despite the infrastructure improvement and economic growth of the second largest city in United Arab of Emirates, the rapid growth rate of population in the entire Dubai city is one of the significant problems that is in need of proper management to prevent further deterioration of the dilemma. With the rapid increased of population in the entire emirate city of Dubai, lack of housing projects is as well another problem that is in need of proper resolution.

As one of the fastest growing cities in the world, the entire emirate of Dubai is confronted by the problem of social housing issues that from the pass years the city had been a place of rapid emergence of foreign people coming from different countries across the globe, the local city is now facing shortage to provide shelter for their people and for the foreigners, who are now residing in the city. Aim and Objectives The aims of this paper is to determine the different factors that affects the reason of rapid increased in the population of the entire Dubai city.

Moreover, this paper aims to verify the different essential factors to formulate an effective way to resolve problem of over population and the problem of lack on housing projects in emirate of Dubai. Also, this paper aims to determine preventions of further deterioration on the issue of population growth rate and issue of shortage on housing in Dubai. The objectives of this paper, on the other hand, are to garner essential data to appropriately address the problem of ever increasing growth of population of the Dubai emirate.

Also, to present a concrete formula to accordingly attend the lack housing projects in Dubai is as well another objective of this paper. Nevertheless, the objective of this paper is to determine the current status or condition of the Dubai housing market and how this is affected by the rapid growth rate of population in the entire Dubai city. Importance of the Research Moreover, this research is important to determine the real cause of housing issues and the rapid increased of population growth rate in the entire Dubai city.

Also, the importance of this research is to be a provider a reliable reference in the in the issue of population and housing market in the entire city of Dubai. Nevertheless, the importance of this research is that this paper will give and garner factual data in the social topic of over population or the rapid growth rate in the city and its relation to the housing market and issue of the entire emirate of Dubai. Research Context For the research context, survey is one of the frameworks to be use for this study in able to gather a broad answer for the subject matter.

Also, through surveys the researcher will be able to garner and collate wider answer from the research question with multiple respondents. Nonetheless, through this research context the researcher will be able to collect the primary needed data for the study. In addition to this, questionnaire survey will be use as well to limit the cost of research but collect as many answers as possible in a minimal financial cost and time. Interview, is also a part of the research context, which is specifically design to gather concrete and firm data from the major stakeholders of the topic to support the argument of the researchers.

Research Methodology For this study, the Qualitative and quantitative approaches are the better research methods that are going to be used to gather and collate the needed data for the conclusion of this study. Moreover, these following method of research will definitely give or provide the researcher the exact and firm information that are needed for the construction of this study. Nevertheless, these research methods will provide the answer for this study and will give way to the factual examination of the topic.

Review of Related Literature In the United States, the entire state of Las Vegas shares the same situation with Dubai city. As of the 2006 national statistics record of the United States, there are already 2,495,529 people residing in the silver state, where most of the large number of population resides in two major and biggest cities of the state, Las Vegas and Reno. Statistically, the numbers of Nevadas population shows a consistent growth from the early 20th century up to the 2006 national census record.

The states population, on the other hand, rapidly increases by 3. % or exactly 92,909 to a massive growth by another 20. 8% or 516,550 from the year 2000. (U. S. Census Bureau) With this, it is fact that population is one of the major state issue, which made the entire Nevada state to face housing issue. In the end, this paper and research straightforwardly tackles the issue of rapid increased in the growth rate of population in Dubai and determines the housing market in entire city. Nevertheless, this paper research gives a fair picture and factual data in the issue of population and housing issues in the emirate of Dubai.

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