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Published: 2019-10-10 12:29:57
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Millions of people play videogames around the world. As we enter the 21st Century, video games are becoming more popular each and every day. People of all ages can and do enjoy video games as a way to spend their free-time. The issue with video games in the market is that they are becoming too violent in some peoples minds. The thing that makes these video games violent is the graphical scenes, gameplay, and strong language. There are many types of games that affect the brain in different ways. 3D games are generally more popular, more addicting, and more violent.

The more life-like the games are, the more interesting the violence becomes. There are certain games in the video game world that can increase a persons aggression. Violent games like Doom, Wolfenstein 3D or Mortal Kombat are a perfect example of older games that changed the way video games were viewed as. Like other games in its genre, the images are near life like and the violence is graphic. The more life like theyve become the more interest there has been in the correlation between violent games and violent behavior.

Halo lovers point to the high-level graphics and sound, saying its like starring in your own movie. Gamers say the addictive nature of these games come not just from the variety of gameplay, but from every changing nature of game. Some peoples responses are naturally more hostile, making them pre disposed to respond more aggressively to violent video games. Then you have games like Tetris and Solitaire. These games are 2D and contain no violence. The games are simple, but also can be very addictive. They often are found on cellphones and PDAs.

Almost all fighting games are seen from afar and 2-D like. In 1992, Wolfenstein 3D, the first major first-person shooter game was released. In a FPS, one sees the video game world through the eyes of the player. FPS is better than seeing video games worlds as if looking on from afar. The player can move around in a 3D environment, and shooting various game characters. The effect is to make the game player feel as though he/she is in the game. Graphics are supposed to make the player feel he/she is the on fighting, killing, and being killed.

In Wolfenstein 3D enemies fell and bled on the floor. This caused a revolution in the way violent games were designed. Different tests have been done to see the violence in videogames and their effects. For example, 210 college students played either a violent (Wolfenstein 3D) or a nonviolent game. The students who played the violent game punished an opponent longer. Participants reported their media habits and then played one of 8 violent or non-violent video games for 20 minutes.

Next, participants watched a 10 minute video containing scenes of real violence while (HR) and galvanic skin response (GSR) were monitored. Participants who played a violent game had lower (HR) and (GSR) while watching real violence. Violent images in most games come fast”too fast to linger in ones mind. The economic benefits of increased violence and gore became apparent when both Nintendo and Sega created different versions of Mortal Kombat. Nintendo lessened blood and Sega had more. Sega genesis version outsold Nintendos version three to one.

Along with these more sophisticated systems, the ability to make graphics more lifelike appeared. In 2000, the game Soldier of Fortune (SOF) was released for personal computers, marking a new high in video game violence realism. This first FPS game was designed in collaboration with an ex-army colonel, and features 26 different killing zones in the body. The characters in the game respond realistically to different shots depending on where in the body they are shot, with what weapons, and from what distance. Even more graphically violent games are available to anyone.

Children of any age can obtain these games. Children are spending increasing amount of time playing video games. The dramatic increase in speed and graphic capability has allowed for more realistic violence than ever before possible. On-on-one fighting games such as Double Dragon and Mortal Kombat pushed the boundaries of violence and became all time best sellers. The advances in technology over the past few years have been remarkable. Electronic images are composed of polygons. Making more polygons per second is a good measure of graphic quality.

The more graphic a game is, the more interesting violence is. The evolution of video game graphics has changed the way people view them. Violence in video games are increasing and becoming more realistic. The more realistic a game is, the more interesting the violence gets. Although 3D games are usually more popular and violent, 2D games like Mortal Kombat can push the boundary of violence in video games. Blood, violence, and gore are things that get gamers addicted to video games. Video game violence has revolutionized as we live through the 21st century.
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