Wales Hunt For An Elite Overseer Essay

Published: 2020-03-21 02:52:05
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Wales place are rather popular nowadays because the number of players who are willing to achieve potential competition there is swiftly increasing. The application process for an elite hunt ends in May and the World Cup will take place in September. Instead of applying, Gareth Jenkins, however, decided to continue his career as a national coach. Kevin Bowring, ex-coach of elite hunt, is the head of coach development in Wales and he is satisfied with his new post. Therefore, WRU suggests that Wales team members should come from rugby and other kinds of sport, commercial and business environment.

Roger Lewis, group executive of WRU, admits that the goal of coach department is to develop talent of the team, as well as to identify proper players and to nurture them. Elite performance and the national squad are also believed to succeed. The idea is to choose the best players in Wales in order to make them able to deliver the game that will be remembered in sport environment. RFU claims that their aim is to show that elite coaches are able to create highly talented performance of the game.

The EPD supports positions taken by RFU noting that EPD will be present on the WRUs executive board in order to reassure that everything is done to achieve the desired success. Special attention will be paid to whether facilities and resources are available. EPD is expected to on board, though the crucial point is to find the right person, as Roger Lewis mentions. Tete-a-tete conversation will take place between WRU and high-profile individuals in order to realize better the demands and requirements. Background works have been already done and the positive moment is that WRU managed to create detailed job descriptions.

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