Why Educators Should be Appreciated and Paid More Essay

Published: 2019-11-24 20:42:07
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The people who hold the education to our future and its on coming generation should be millionaires. Why is it that movie stars or athletes earn way more money than teachers? Teachers seem to be the lowest paid professionals who need a degree to do their job. Educators play a vital role in our economy and society. Teachers are the backbone of our civilization, without them society will destabilize. In this essay I will be discussing why teachers are of great importance to our society. I will also be discussing why teachers deserve a higher pay than what they are earning now; and finally my last stand will be why educators should

Teachers are by far the single most important profession field in the world. They teach students how to think, how to do math, how to write, how to read and many other important life skills. What would happen if Educators did not exist? We would turn into a country like Ethiopia, one of the top 10 least educated countries in the world. This would be the downfall of our civilization. Teachers arent recognized enough for the time and effort they put into their teachings of their classroom. Education is important to any nation that would want its citizens to prosper and pursue a higher stand on education. Each profession occupies a specific niche in society, doctors cure, engineers design and bankers handle our cash. Teaching, however, stands out as a more prominent entity. Teachers instill the transcendent faculties of communication, decision-making and awareness of social responsibility. No matter what field we chose to pursue later on in our lives, we again turn to teachers for training.

A strong information base and best-developed capabilities of knowledge and analysis are important for progress. These crucial responsibilities of knowledge instilment, kindling inspiration and encouraging creative though are all vested in the teacher. The role of Educators is valuable and significant to a society. They are one of the main pillars of a progressive society. Teachers bear the weight and responsibility of teaching, and apart from parents, they are the main source of knowledge. From the age of four, a child finds himself in the hands of a teacher. Throughout our lives, our teachers inspire us and treat us like their own children and make us learn from their experiences. They make us strong enough to stand on our feet and face any challenge. A teacher is much more important than a doctor or engineer. It is the teacher who makes doctors and engineers. Because of this, teachers are considered to be above all in Hindu mythology. Its teachers who shape the life of young children throughout their lives. Because it is a comprehensively low paid job, todays generation cannot understand the importance of a teacher. The truth about teachers is a truth in itself, and will always remain so.

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