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Philip K. Dick (1928-1982) was born in Chicago but settled in California for major part of his life. His academic credentials do not inspire much. He went to College at Berkeley for 1 year and then he entered the College of self-education, where his mind became his principal; his initiative his professors; his hard work his tutors! Music was his passion; he had a record store and gave classical music shows on a local radio station. He was a man of literature and wrote many novels and short stories. He later became a drug-addict, suffered the consequences and paid with his life at the altar of addiction.

He gives the graphic and mind-boggling description, how the innovations of science have overpowered the life humanity”and how difficult it is to come out of this quicksand of technology. Will it be ever possible for humanity to extricate from the web of dangerous complications of scientific advancements and to recoup the original health? II. Summary of plot or authors argument: The negative traits of human beings, greed and aggrandizement, are still the dominant instincts of the few survivors after the World War Terminus.

A last the Nuclear Weapons have their Olympic games and this is ultimately played, where there are only losers and losers with no gainers. Bounty hunter Tick Deckard has still hopes of making it, rebuild and restart, and he is in search of renegade Replicants who were his prey. Even amidst such destruction, he cherishes fond hopes of owning his prey. He is kind enough not to retire them for this selfish reason of owning an animal, in the world where animal life is almost extinct. Then he gets an assignment.

He is given the responsibility to kill six Nexus-6 targets for a big reward. The book Blade Runner has also been made into a movie. The science fiction film, as a construction somewhat removed from everyday reality, is a privileged vehicle for the presentation of ideology. Because it is less concerned than other genres with the surface structure of social reality, science fiction can pay more attention to the deep structure of what is and what ought to be. (findarticles¦) The authors arguments have, however been captured in the movie.

The making of the movie is a consequential action. The danger of advancement of technology, like the octopus that grows in all directions, has been the concern of Dick. This movie of the book gave him more popularity in the society, as movies mostly secure a wider audience covering all the age-groups. III. Body Development of the thesis and evidence Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is a work of science fiction. It has earned a coveted position in the literature of science fiction. It is also hailed as the time-less book.

It contains the shocking portrayal full of uncertainties and most brutal. Bounty Hunter Rick Deckard is on the look out for humanoids known as Replicants. They have the appearance of normal human beings, but possess extraordinary strength, super-quick movements and intelligence. Their presence on Planet Earth is most unwarranted and undesirable. Rick is on a mission to exterminate them. How the tremendous advancement of science has complicated the life for humanity can as sell be gauged by the day to day conversations in an ordinary family.

The author gives the evidence of such a situation in the initial stage of the novel. This is the part of the conversation and the reply from Iran. The complexities of day to day life are worth noting: I cant dial a setting that stimulates my cerebral cortex into wanting to dial! If I dont want to dial, I dont want to dial that most of all, because then I will want to dial, and wanting to dial is right now the most alien drive. I can imagine: I just want to sit here on the bed and stare at the floor.

Her voice had become sharp with overtones of bleakness as her soul congealed and she closed to move, as the instinctive omnipresent film of great weight, and an almost absolute inertia, settled over her. (Dick, p, 6) More details about the avalanche of scientific instruments that have taken control of the human life and the thinking process of humanity is detailed n the novel: The examples are: A mysterious virtual reality character called Mercer symbolizes religion as followed by the inhabitants of Earth at this time.

People reach him wearing virtual reality gear and experience some religious feelings while being pelted with falling rocks¦. It emerges that Mercerism is in fact a fraud and this is revealed in a popular chat show by an unbearably cheery host called Buster Friendly. We also find that Buster Friendly is an android: Deckard has a wife who is suffering from depression. She uses a machine called the Penfold Empathy Box which changes her emotions artificially. In the story very realistic artificial animals have largely replaced the very few remaining real creatures.

Owning a real animal holds extremely high status¦there are 8 androids. (www. putlearning¦ )Comparing to the present standard of life and standard of living of humanity, the issues detailed and the possibilities revealed, are indeed mind-boggling. IV. Conclusion: Restated thesis + Clincher The book is not about the flying missiles and the booming of the guns. The extremities of the materialistic civilization, so fondly cherished by the humanity are depicted in the novel. The advancement of science has complicated the life on Planet Earth, beyond redemption.

The atomic wars hurry the destruction. The scientific utilities would have done it gradually anyhow. The worst part is that even the human relationships are controlled by the machines. Man is completely lost unable to stabilize at the level of a working philosophy for life, and remains enmeshed in the web of technological innovations. These innovations have begun to hotly pursue the life of man, instead of bringing joy to his life. Dick defined the science fiction in the 60s and 70s, and anticipated the shape of things that are gong to confront the humanity. .

And its not about their psychobabble father-son relations; its partly a veiled message about the then raging cold war and other political stuff where Phil was about right: Soviets were just sugar-coated Nazis but McCarthy, Vietnam, Nukes and Nixon werent good for mental health either. But most of all its about the very deepest stuff: philosophy, religion and just staying sane. (DSG 8/01) An individual is the first brick of the family; family is the first brick of the society. An Individual whose life stands complicated shall only contribute to making a complicated society.

A complicated society will only elect complicated leaders. The mess of the present times is due to the type of social ladder that human beings have constructed for them for their social, cultural and political ascendancy! The results are there for one and all to see and experience! In his eagerness to obtain more and more knowledge and make life competitively comfortable, the modern man may engulf himself with wonderful mechanical appliances and devises. But it is in the interest of humanity that the best decisions are made by the mature and non-electronic brains.

The nearer to Nature, the better it is for humanity. . =========== References Cited: 1. Dick, Philip K: Blade Runners: Publisher: Gollancz; New Ed edition (11 Feb 1999) . 2. findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_qa3768/is_199801/ai_n8759433/pg_5 42kretrieved on May 31, 2008 3. www. putlearningfirst. com/br/book. html 11k Cached Retrieved on May 31, 2008 4. DSG 8/01www. urbandictionary. com/define. php+k? term=philip + Retrieved on May 31, 2008

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